UHMW Sheets

Improve Material Flow with UHMW Sheets.

Choose Dyna-Flo® Sheets & Wear Strips.

For applications that require a low coefficient of friction, and high impact strength, our Dyna-Flo® family of engineering grade UHMW Polyethylene Sheets will fill your need. Furthermore, our UHMW Sheets are wear resistant, impact resistant and corrosion resistant. These Polyethylene Sheets also have a blend of attributes that updates the design possibilities of most applications involving the movement of bulk materials or objects. From hopper liners, coal bunkers, chutes, conveyor wear parts, on or off-road dump truck linings, snow plow blades, salt spreader boxes, construction equipment buckets, to dock fender facings, our engineering grade Sheets exceed your requirements. Whether your interest is in the area of Industrial, Transportation, Marine, Agriculture, or Recreation, Mentor Dynamics can fit the best UHMW product for the application.

uhmw polyethylene sheets in a variety of colors

Dyna-Therm 275

Premium polymer UHMW Sheets designed to withstand operating conditions up to 275° F. Most noteworthy, this temperature is approximately 100° hotter than our conventional liner materials. In addition to its tolerance for higher temperature, Dyna-Therm 275 UHMW Sheets provides the same excellent wear and release properties of our conventional ultra high molecular weight liners. In conclusion, Dyna-Therm 275 is ideal for a wide range of industrial and processing applications that involve temperatures between 180° and 275°. Typical characteristics include:

Maximum Operating Temperature: 275°

Abrasion, Corrosion, Chemical, and Moisture-Resistance

Excellent Release and Wear-Life

Meets FDA Guidelines (21CFR 178.2010 and 21CFR 177.1520)

Dyna-Therm 275 UHMW Sheets reduce the polymer oxidization rate at higher temperatures. As a result, this reduction slows down material degradation and therefore extends the wear-life in environments with elevated temperature, chemical exposure, or frequent thermal cycles. In many high temperature applications, Dyna-Therm 275 will last up to 10 times longer than conventional polymer liners.

Dyna-Therm 275 is an ideal material for use in applications such as wear strips, conveyor systems, or flights on drag conveyors. These UHMW Sheets can be used in the baking industry, poultry and meat processing applications. Dyna-Therm 275 is white and available in many standard sizes and thicknesses as well as other specialty sizes.

DynaTherm UHMW PE Sheets

Typical Uses in Various Industries

Chain Guides

Conveyor Components


Wearstrips, Pads and Plates

Machined Parts

Pet Food Manufacturing

Conveyor Manufacturing

Food Processing

Drying Equipment

Meat & Poultry Processing


Mentor Dynamics can design, fabricate, and install Dyna-Therm 275 UHMW Sheets for your application. We also provide prefabricated liner kits and parts designed for DIY installations. In addition to Dyna-Therm 275, we offer a full range of polymer, ceramic, and specialty liner materials, fasteners, and installation hardware. Just let us know what you need!

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UHMW Sheets
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Four of our specially formulated UHMW Sheets are listed above. Other, more specialized products, are also available. In addition, some grades even meet the stringent requirements of the FDA for food applications. To determine the right material for your application, or to discuss additional application requirements, such as anti-static, UV, or steel filled materials, please contact us. We have worked with industrial operations across the country and will share our experience to help you select the right material for your operation.