AERO Tarp Kits and Parts

Aero Easy Cover Tarp Kits

Mentor Dynamics offers the finest in Aero Easy Cover tarp systems and Aero Easy Cover tarp kits. We sell top quality dump truck tarp systems and dump trailer tarp kits. Our AERO Easy Cover end dump tarp kits are recognized year after year as the industry’s best dump truck and dump trailer tarp systems. If your end dump needs an arm tarp, we’ve got you covered.

Aero Easy Cover Tarp Parts

Mentor Dynamics offers original equipment manufacturer Aero Easy Cover tarp parts. We are the exclusive regional distributor for Aero Easy Cover tarp kits, Aero Easy Cover tarp parts, Aero Easy Cover tarp motors & Aero Easy Cover replacement tarps. When you need to get back on the road, call Mentor Dynamics for the Aero Easy Cover tarp parts for your end dump needs.

Crank-N-Go Tarps, Parts & Service

Now covering a dump is no trouble at all. With Aero Crank-N-Go 3 cable tarp system. You’re covered in seconds with no climbing, no ropes to tie down, no hassles. Aero Crank-N-Go 3 is available in both electric and manual versions. So either flip the switch or turn the crank, and the tarp & bows slide forward or backward over your load. It’s that simple!

Conestoga Tarps, Parts & Service

The Aero Conestoga XP is an innovative sliding tarp system originally designed for flatbed trailers and is now available for many different applications. Like the original Conestoga, the Conestoga XP features our smooth and durable steel wheels on a stainless steel track system with the same innovative design. The Conestoga XP is more efficient and better protects your trailer.

Aero Tarp Kits & Aero Tarp Parts

We’ve got you covered.

We offer a full range of Aero tarp systems, Aero tarp kits & Aero tarp parts by AERO Industries. The AERO tarp systems and AERO tarp parts that we usually stock include Easy Cover 550, Easy Cover 575, Easy Cover 595, AeroForce F2B, Easy Pull, Crank-N-Go III, Kwik-Lock and Model 10 & Model 15. We are also are an official AERO Conestoga Repair Facility. Whether you need asphalt dump truck tarping, new liners, or parts for everything in between, we can provide you with a perfect-fit solution.

Most of our AERO tarp parts and AERO tarp kits are in stock and can be shipped within one business day.

Our staff is fully-trained to handle all aspects of product replacement, repair, or upgrade and put the interests of your company first. We stock only genuine AERO parts and kits, so you can be assured of product quality and durability.