Tarp Motors

Tarp Motors

Tarp motors manufactured by Aero Industries are the most reliable motors in the industry. In addition, our incredibly versatile 12 volt tarp motors eliminate the hassle of tarping a dump by doing the hard work for you. These replacement tarp motors will fit almost all truck tarp systems. Most noteworthy, we offer the best selection of tarp motors on the market!

Easy Cover Tarp Motors

Easy Cover Tarp Motors for the Easy Cover Tarp System are the industry’s most reliable tarp motors. This electric tarp motor has a proven design with a chrome cover. Aero’s tarp motor is the perfect compliment for your truck or trailer.

Installation of Aero Tarp Motor is easy, thanks to it’s unique design. We offer the guidance necessary for you to install your replacement tarp motor, should you need it. Our Aero Tarp Motor comes with a 3 year warranty.

If you do not see the tarp motor that you need, please call us at 800-942-6349. Our tarp specialists will be happy to assist you with all your tarp needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Crank N’ Go Tarp Motors

Engineered to Keep You Rolling.

Now tarping a dump is no trouble at all! With the Crank-N-Go 3 tarp motor for the Crank-N-Go 3 tarp system from Aero Industries, you’re covered in seconds—with no climbing, no ropes to tie down, no hassles.

We’ve made significant improvements to our new Crank-N-Go 3 tarp system. Crank-N-Go 3 is available in either electric or manual versions. New anti-lift design allows for continuous security of your load regardless of where the tarp is positioned. So either flip the switch or turn the crank, and the tarp and bows slide forward or backward over your load. It’s that simple!