Dyna-Flo Liners & Aero Tarp Systems get the Job Done !

Dyna-Flo Liners

The exceptional & continual benefits of Dyna-Flo® liners far outweigh the relatively small initial expense. We offer a full range of UHMW dump truck liners, snow plow liners, industrial hopper liners, bucket liners, off road truck liners, and other forms of tarping with the quality and pricing you need in today’s environment.

Installation & Service

Here at Mentor Dynamics, we offer a full range of installation and repair services for our products at a cost-effective rate. Expect a quick, thorough turnaround with no corners cut or shortcuts taken. If you need service or installation, we’ll handle it with professionalism.

Aero Tarp Products

Mentor Dynamics offers the finest in dump truck tarps, tarp parts and tarp kits. We sell top quality dump truck tarp systems and dump trailer tarp kits. Our Aero® end dump tarp kits are recognized year after year as the industry’s best dump truck and dump trailer tarp systems.

Industrial Products

Mentor Dynamics has spent over 39 years becoming experts in the use of UHMW polymer materials in industrial applications. Today, with the availability of more unique polymeric materials, we can provide complete solutions to your bulk material handling problems.

UHMW Sheet Products

For applications that require a low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, blunt impact resistance and corrosion resistance, our Dyna-Flo® family of Engineering Grade UHMW sheet products will fit your needs. These unique materials have a blend of attributes that updates design possibilities.

Marine Products

Stop replacing your marine products. Dyna-Flo® Marine Products withstand the toughest conditions. Whether protecting your expensive docks or unloading coal out of a ship, Dyna-Flo® liners meet and exceed the industry’s expectations.

Our company has been serving the industry for over 39 years.

Mentor Dynamics pioneered the use of UHMW polymer liners for bulk material handling equipment in the 1970s. Today, our Dyna-Flo® UHMW liners are used in dump trucks & trailers, articulated haulers & loader buckets as well as countless of other industrial applications. Our ceramic and urethane liners and sheet products are recognized as alternative solutions to impact wear.

Our mission is to provide our customers with products and services that improve the productivity and useful life of equipment used to transport or store bulk materials. With over 38 years of experience, we have an acknowledged expertise in design, fabrication and installation of liner systems. From turnkey to DIY projects, we can help solve your material flow, sticking, or wear problems.