UHMW Marine Dock Fenders

Stop Replacing Docks

Your expensive dock structures can stand up to the test with Dyna-Flo® UHMW marine dock fenders and components. No longer do you have to sacrifice dock structures to the elements or pay the tab for the short lifespan of wood or tires. Dyna-Flo UHMW dock fenders, facings and wear strips are top-notch performers. Corrosive salt water, sunlight, or cold weather extremes do not diminish the effectiveness of Dyna-Flo UHMW dock fenders and installation materials.

Dyna-Flo® dock fenders allow vessels to glide easily along the surface, protecting hulls and dock structures. Dock Fenders do not mar ships. UHMW Dock Fenders do not grab the ship’s hull surface like rubber or wood.

Dyna-Flo® UHMW dock fenders outwear hardened steel. Cuts down the hour-glass wear on pilings from vertically moving “camels.” Sheds mussels and barnacles with minimum cleaning. Impervious to marine bore worms.

Sub-zero conditions do not degrade Dyna-Flo®UHMW performance. Dyna-Flo® UHMW Dock Fenders retain key physical properties to -30°C. Dyna-Flo®material is UV-resistant, which increases wear life in seaport exposures.

Dyna-Flo® Marine Dock Fenders withstand salt water as well as fuel and chemical spills.

Dyna-Flo® Marine Dock Fenders do not leach chemicals into waterways, disturbing fragile ecosystems.

Dyna-Flo® Marine Dock Fenders do not swell or deteriorate from water permeation

Protect your Investment

UHMW Marine dock fenders are a critical element of any commercial marine docking facility and provide the necessary protection between a large vessel and the docking structure itself. Our Dyna-Flo® UHMW Marine Dock Fenders can be utilized by a variety of clientele within several industries to include: ports and harbors, municipalities, private facilities and government/military facilities. These facilities are typically supported by Maritime via the engineering consultants and marine contractors that design, construct and maintain the docks and quays.