Articulated Dump Truck & Bucket Liners

Load & Dump Efficiently

  • Reduce Carry-Back
  • Release Loads Quickly
  • Shorten Turnaround Time
  • Haul More Loads Per Day
  • Decrease Rollovers
  • Increase Profits

For articulated dump trucks, mining trucks, haul trucks or off road trucks; Dyna-Flo® Articulated Dump Truck Liners and Bucket Liners shield the entire surface areas. This encasement prevents any bulk material contact with the base metal. The articulated dump truck liner sections are CAD/CAM generated and joined together using a unique interlocking design. This design prevents material penetration beneath the bed liner system.

Trucks & Off-Road Hauling Equipment Case History

An Arizona industrial / mining hauler carried 24 tons per load with a heavy moisture content up steep mountains. With a steel lined body, it took a crew an average of two to three hours of shoveling to fully unload earth and sediment that became stuck in the truck’s body. With a Mentor off road truck bed liner, it now takes approximately fifteen minutes to unload a truck.

Dyna-Flo® Bucket Liners

Using Dyna-Flo® UHMW Liners in front end loader buckets as well as excavator buckets and wheel loader buckets can bring significant improvements in mining and processing operations. Dyna-Flo liners substantially reduce material sticking and carry-back. With clean buckets for each trip, operators can use the full capacity of the loaders. Equipment manufacturers and end-users worldwide specify Dyna-Flo UHMW Bucket Liners for its low coefficient of friction surface that’s wear and corrosion resistant. Mining operations that have tested Dyna-Flo Liners on one bucket have lined remaining ones. Its reliable release of bulk materials make Dyna-Flo UHMW Bucket Liners a wise business investment.

Front End Loader Bucket Liner
Case History

Dyna-Flo Bucket Liners enhanced excavator and front-end loader buckets for an Australian excavating firm. It excavated and moved sticky clay overburden for the Boddington gold mine. Elton Contracting used backhoes to contend with a 30% hang-up of materials in bucket corners. When Elton lined buckets with Dyna-Flo UHMW Liners, they noted a clean bucket after each load. No backhoe clean outs were necessary.

Dyna-Flo® Premium Products –
Your Choice for Off-Road Liners

Dyna-Flo Haul Truck Liners by Mentor Dynamics are made from a self-lubricating material that has a very low coefficient of friction. The result is a very slick surface on which bulk material can easily slide. Furthermore, Dyna-Flo Off Road Dump Truck Liners are not affected by corrosion that can adversely affect the surface properties of steel.  Our Articulated Dump Truck Liners increase productivity and increase profits.

Weld Stud & Spanner Nut

    • Heavy Duty Applications
    • Stainless Steel
    • Thickest Grip Range
    • Generally Used with Plug

Weld Washer & Plug

    • Medium Duty Applications
    • Stainless Steel
    • Adequate Grip Range
    • Generally Used with Plug

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Along with 39 plus years of installation knowledge, we have the most know-how in the construction & mining industry when it comes to designing, bending, forming and welding polymer materials into truck beds and buckets. We utilize both traditional and “state of the art” design concepts and will recommend the one that provides the best performance for your application.

If you are still debating the merits of carryback versus shoveling, join the revolution by considering the latest polymer, UHMWPE or composite materials and technology available from Mentor Dynamics. The Mentor team applies experience, knowledge and imagination to solve your productivity problems.

That’s why Mentor Dynamics is truly the solution Company leading the way through the construction industry’s polymer revolution.