Dyna-Flo Cargo Ship Liners

Increase Efficiency

Dyna-Flo UHMW Cargo Ship Liners, by Mentor Dynamics, are used extensively in self-unloading vessels and barges where material flow is essential to maintaining high productivity. To maintain their high productivity, self-unloading vessels must maintain gravity induced material flow when unloading cargo. Mentor Dynamics polymer cargo ship liners have a coefficient of friction that is 65% lower than that of stainless steel. This low friction greatly facilitates the unloading of bulk solid cargo even when they are wet or sticky. Dyna-Flo UHMW Polyethylene barge liners have been used successfully with a variety of cargoes including: gypsum, coal and limestone among others. Dyna-Flo UHMWPE liners’ low coefficient of friction help gravity work better!

Mentor Dynamics pioneered the use of polymer UHMW liners in the ship market, and has maintained its position as the leading provider of UHMW cargo ship liners to the worldwide marine industry.


Dyna-Flo® polymer liners release frozen materials better than metal, without using release agents. In fact, the lower the temperature the better its performance – even as low as -273oC.

Impact Strength

The energy absorbing qualities of high performance polymer liners are unsurpassed by any other thermoplastic and at low temperatures the impact resistance actually improves.

Chemical Resistance

Unaffected in virtually any chemical environment, high performance polymer is particularly suitable for food processing industry because it is inert to fungus. Only strong oxidizing acids will attack the surface.

Non-Stick Surface

The coefficient of friction of high performance polymer is approximately one-fifth that of steel. It is almost friction-free and is anti-adhesive.

Abrasion Resistance

High performance polymer has the highest abrasion resistance of any commercially available plastic. It will outwear steel in most applications and AR plate in some instances.

Noise Abatement

The sound deadening effects of high performance polymer is approximately 20% greater than those of alternative materials used in the construction of bulk handling equipment.

Case Study – 30% Capacity Gain

A ship carrying coal had nearly 30% of its cargo space displaced by hardened coal. The shipping company tried a range of conventional approaches and even considered the use of explosives to break the hardened coal. After installing a Mentor Dynamics’ Dyna-Flo UHMW liner, the ship operated at it’s designed carrying capacity, an increase of 12,000 tons per trip. The enhanced productivity provided a rapid financial payback.

Innovative solutions demand continuing commitment to insure optimum performance. Mentor Dynamics representatives will continue to monitor your project to be sure that it meets your expectations.

Increase Productivity

Along with 38 plus years of installation knowledge, we have the most know-how in the marine industry when it comes to designing, bending, forming and welding polymer materials into component parts. We utilize both traditional and “state of the art” design concepts and will recommend the one that provides the best performance for your marine application.

If you are still debating the merits of carry-back versus shoveling, join the revolution by considering the latest polymer, UHMWPE or composite materials and technology available from Mentor Dynamics. The Mentor team applies experience, knowledge and imagination to solve your productivity problems.

That’s why Mentor Dynamics is truly the solution Company leading the way through the industrial polymer revolution.