Service & Repair

Dyna-Flo® Liners

Prior to the installation of your new UHMW bed liner, we recommend that any needed repairs be made to the floor or other sections of the bed or trailer. Failure to repair holes, worn out or loose cleanouts, or severe “wash boarding” of the floor can shorten the life of your new liner, and reduce the long term value we want you to get from your investment.

Along with our installation services, we offer metal and plastic repairs. For aluminum and steel repairs, we have welders qualified in MIG, TIG, stick, and stud welding. In most cases, only minor repairs will be needed to give you a good base for the liner; however, we can re-plate or replace the entire floor, if needed.

Whether, on your site or in our shop, it makes no difference to our skilled Installation Technicians. As Ambassadors of Mentor Dynamics, perfection is not a word but an action. Each of our skilled Technicians brings years of hands-on training to every project. At Mentor Dynamics, the job is not finished until excellence in workmanship is a matter-of-fact.

UHMW Repairs & Welding

For plastic repairs, we have welders qualified in plastic extrusion welding. This process can be used to repair a damaged liner, but unlike metal welding, plastic extrusion welding does not create a weld equal to the original strength of plastic liner material, and remains heat sensitive. As a result, this type of weld should not be used to repair liners exposed to hot asphalt or other hot materials.

Aero® Tarps

For Tarps, we offer complete installation service of our most popular arm and cable systems as well as being an approved installer for Aero’s Conestoga folding tarping system. Or if you just need a motor replaced, new arms installed, or other hardware repairs, we do that as well, and help get you back on the road as fast as possible.